FINAT Label Competition

The FINAT Label Competition recognises and highlights the advantages and uses of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging as an effective marketing, promotional or identification tool.

FINAT Label Competition 2023

  • The competition is now closed. The 2024 edition will accept entries starting December 2023. Award winners will be announced during the European Label Forum in Vienna, on 31 May 2023.

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Winners FINAT Label Competition 2022

On 1 June 2022 the FINAT Awards Ceremony was held live on the occasion of the European Label Forum in Baveno, Italy. The competition attracted 205 entries from 38 companies from 21 countries worldwide. In addition to the 7 Group winners and the 34 Category winners a total of 73 Highly Commended certificates were distributed. Click on the videos below to see the winning entries.

Best in Show and Group E winner - Cabas >> Judges Award and Cat A2 winner - MCC Australia >> Group A Winners: Marzek & Çiftsan >>
Group B Winner - Kuresa >> Group C Winners: IPE and Stratus >> Group D Winner: Schreiner Group >>
Category Winners Group A >> Category Winners Group B >> Category Winners Group C >>
Category Winners Group D >> Category Winners Group E >>

Watch the FINAT Label Awards 2021 here

On 4 June 2021 the FINAT Label Awards 2021 were announced via an online awards show. FINAT congratulates all nominees and winners. See below the winners of the Judges Awards and the Best in Show. All videos and the full show can be viewed in the 2021 FINAT Label Competition playlist on our YouTube channel. For the full report click here.

Best in Show: Etiketten Carini, Austria for Priorat Sobre Todo

Judges Award: Etivoet Belgium for Shower Power

Watch the livestream of the FINAT Label Awards 2020 here

Group Winners & Best in Show 2019

Best in Show, Group A (Marketing/End-uses) and Category A2 (Alcoholic Drinks) winner: Multi-Color Corporation Chile for 'Alto del Carmen Barricas de Selección'.

Group B (Printing Processes) and Category B3 (Screen printing Letterpress) winner: Çiftsan Etiket, Turkey for 'Céu Shampoo'.

Group C (Non-adhesive applications) and Category C1 (Sleeves) winner: Forlabels S.A. Greece, for 'ADAMS Ouzo Santorini'

Group D (Innovation & Electronic Device Printing) and Category D1 (Innovation) winner: Schreiner Group, Germany for 'Smart Blister Pack'.

Group E (Digital) and Category E1 (Dry Toner technology) winner: Germark, Spain for 'Un rêve doux'

Category winners 2019

CATEGORY A1: Marketing/End-uses - Wines IPE Industria Gráfica S.L.U. Abadía da Cova Blanco 2017
CATEGORY A1: Marketing/End-uses - Wines Multi-Color Corporation North America Wine & Spirits Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc Single Vineyard
CATEGORY A2: Marketing/End-uses - Alcoholic Drinks Multi-Color Chile Alto del Carmen Barricas de Selección
CATEGORY A3: Marketing/End-uses - Non-Alcoholic Drinks Çiftsan Etiket Shadlee Mocktail
CATEGORY A4: Marketing/End-uses - Food Products Cabas S.A. MINOAN GAIA - SELECT HARVEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil
CATEGORY A4: Marketing/End-uses - Food Products Doga Etiket ve Ambalaj San. Tic A.S. Riccolivo Olive Oil
CATEGORY A6: Marketing/End-uses - Household Çiftsan Etiket S?r Asprins Multi Purpose Stain Remover
CATEGORY A7: Marketing/End-uses - Industrial Doga Etiket ve Ambalaj San. Tic A.S. beko No Frost
CATEGORY A8: Marketing/End-uses - Automotive Skanem Liverpool 5 Ltr Castrol EDGE 5w30
CATEGORY A9: Marketing/End-uses - Cosmetics Stratus Packaging YVES ROCHER Sérum Affinant & Raffermissant
CATEGORY A10: Marketing/End-uses - Pharmaceutical Çiftsan Etiket Fit fox express BCAA 3300
CATEGORY A11: Marketing/End-uses - Security Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH VOID label for bottles including NFC Chip
CATEGORY A12: Marketing/End-uses - Booklets August Faller GmbH & Co. KG Info-Sec
CATEGORY A13: Marketing/End-uses - Promotional Coupons Multi-Color Cwmbran, UK Ltd. Shloer 2 ply neck promotion
CATEGORY A14: Marketing/End-uses - Self-promotional labels Achertäler Druckerei GmbH & Co. KG Promotion Labels Achertäler Druckerei
CATEGORY A15: Marketing/End-uses - Sets of labels Kolibri Labels BV Ron de Jeremy rum
CATEGORY B1: Printing Processes - Flexography Multi-Color Italia S.p.A. Bertolli Olio Extra vergine di Oliva Originale
CATEGORY B2: Printing Processes - Rotary Letterpress Çiftsan Etiket Savon De Royal, From My Garden Luxury Hand Wash
CATEGORY B3: Printing Processes - Screen Printing Letterpress Çiftsan Etiket Céu Shampoo
CATEGORY B4: Printing Processes - Reel Fed Offset Lithography Achertäler Druckerei GmbH & Co. KG Kakuzo Tea infused Vodka
CATEGORY B5: Printing Processes - Combination Printing Insignis Etiketten Erzeugung und Vertrieb GmbH Payer Payer Wein Kultur
CATEGORY B5: Printing Processes - Combination Printing Çiftsan Etiket Wunderbar 2 Phase
CATEGORY B6: Printing Processes - Gravure Multi-Color Cwmbran, UK Ltd. Heineken 00
CATEGORY C1: Non-adhesive applications - Sleeves Forlabels S.A. ADAMS Ouzo Santorini
CATEGORY D1: Innovation & Electronic Printing - Innovation Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG Smart Blister Pack
CATEGORY E1: Digital - Toner technology Amberley Adhesive Labels Jack Vettriano
CATEGORY E1: Digital - Toner technology Germark, S.A. Un rêve doux
CATEGORY E1: Digital - Toner technology Marzek Etiketten + Packaging GmbH Mitzi
CATEGORY E2: Digital - Inkjet technology Royston Labels LTD Treacle Moon Cucumber Cactus Cool shower gel

Group Winners & Best in Show 2018

Best in Show, Group A (Marketing/End-uses) and Category A2 (Alcoholic Drinks) winner: Multi-Color Corporation North America Wines & Spirits for 'Sidewinder Spirits'.

Group B (Printing Processes) & Category B5 (combination printing) winner: InForm Etiketten, Germany for Spirituosenausstattung Edelbrand Liebl.

Interview with InForm:

Group C (Non-adhesive applications) & Category C1 (sleeves) winner: IPE Industria Gráfica, Spain for Maxim's Noël 2017 Champagne

Interview with IPE:

Group D (Innovation & Electronic Printing) & Category D1 (Innovation) winner: Schreiner Group, Germany for Color laser film with a fingerprint'

Interview with Schreiner:

Group E (Digital) & Category E1 (Toner Technology) winner: Etiketten CARINI, Austria for 'Lemberger' Gin"

Interview with Etiketten CARINI:


FINAT European Label Forum 2016 recap Awards Ceremony - posted 1 September 2016

L9 World Label Awards

The L9 World Label Awards is a global competition in which currently six continents are participating: USA (TLMI), Japan (JFLP), Europe (FINAT), Australia (FPLMA), New Zealand (SALMA), and India (LMAI). In order for companies to compete and to win an award, their entry has to win a prize in their own local label awards competition first, eg TLMI , FINAT, FPLMA, JFLP, SALMA, or LMAI. Each Association (Chairman of the jury) then selects entries for the WLAA from their nominated or winning entries, which are judged and possibly rewarded with the World Label Award.


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