Young Professionals Network

Shaping the future of the label industry

The FINAT Young Professionals Network (YPN) exists to enable an open and free community for young professionals in the label industry where they can meet like-minded people to develop personally and together, make a difference in the label industry. It is our mission to interact via online and offline events to bring industry players together and to inspire an open community to enable free thinking which would lead to innovation and development in the label industry.

Who can join the Young Professionals Network?

YPN aims to reach young professionals (age limit 40) in all layers of FINAT member companies that are looking to get introduced to or create a network in the label industry community and are also looking for support with their own personal development to enhance their business skills.

YPN welcomes all young professionals that want to learn about all new and upcoming trends and want to work together on the future of the label industry in an open and honest environment, so that possible new business opportunities and ideas can be taken back to their respective companies.


We want to share our thoughts and encourage our industry to engage and start the conversation on subjects that matter to us. Here is the issue on personal branding.


Learn what the FINAT YPN is about by viewing the webinar of 22 September 2020.



The YPN has organized various events especially for young professionals (younger than 40) in the label industry. A highlight is their yearly global congress with a programme including a company visit, interactive presentations, and workshops. See reports on previous events in the right menu and below as downloads. View the recent blog by Mikaela Harding on the next generation here. For upcoming events, view the event calendar on this website.