FINAT PCF Project Guidelines & Recommendations

In the framework of sustainability, FINAT, in particular the collaboration workstream, is working towards harmonizing the measurement and monitoring of the environmental impact in the label sector. You will see in the industry the Life Cycle Analysis and Product Carbon Footprint as terms for measuring the impact.

FINAT structured three initial steps to address the project:

  1. What – LCA & PCF Introduction: An Introduction of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) were launched to understand their concepts, the differences and the complexity of both.
  2. How – Standards and Tools: The second step is now to answer the following questions…
  3. What next – What are FINAT next steps

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1) An Introduction to Product Carbon Footprint & Life Cycle Analysis

In many discussions around the theme of Sustainability the terms 'LCA' and 'PCF' are widely used as measurements to 'characterise' the sustainability of a material or a process. Sometimes they are even used to refer to the same characteristic, but they are NOT the same thing! How familiar are we with these terms? Watch the informative video and view our first brochure.

2) Standards and Tools

When it comes to determining the PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) for a product or process, there are many different names for the standards/methods/tools which are available. It is not always obvious what these are, how they might differ from one another or even how they might relate to one another. In this document we want to help explain the differences/similarities of these different aspects and their relevance to the self-adhesive label industry.