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Who would benefit from membership?

FINAT is the international association for the labeling industry, where the label community comes together and learns more about the latest technologies and developments. If your company is manufacturing self-adhesive labels and related products or supplying raw materials or equipment used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels and related products, you are eligible for a FINAT membership.

On our way to 2024, FINAT wants to focus on the following pillars (for more details on our activities, scroll down or browse through our website):


Keeping a safe zone for members to connect, develop, maintain relationships, collaborate, co-create in the new, hybrid business environment.


Act as the voice of the European label community on matters like public affairs, marketing and promotion, recruitment and retention of talent.


Serve as an independent and compliant consortium and project facilitator on matters like recycling, sustainability, product safety, and education.


Fulfill our role as first-hand knowledge and information hub by integrating interactive live and online learning capabilities and creating a library and database of documentation and recordings.

How to become a FINAT member?

  1. Fill in the online application form.
    By completing this form, you state that from today onwards you wish to join FINAT. You also confirm to have examined and agree to the Articles of Association and you will be obliged to pay the yearly membership fee
  2. Your application will be announced to all FINAT members. In a 30-day period, they get a chance to object to membership in case this is out of scope e.g.. In case of an objection, the Board will ask for reasoning and will decide on the acceptance of the application.
  3. After 30 days, your membership will be accepted and you will receive a confirmation package with a more detailed application form to make sure you get the most out of your membership!

Don't stay on the outside, join us now.

Membership categories and fees for 2023

The membership fees are based on the member category and the annual turnover.

Ordinary members

Category A: Label manufacturers

Turnover up to € 2,5 mln

€ 370,-

Turnover € 2,5 mln till € 12,5 mln € 730,-
Turnover € 12,5 mln till € 50 mln € 1450,-
Turnover € 50 mln and more € 2415,-
Category B: Manufacturers of self-adhesive materials, presses, inks, dies, application machinery, auxiliary equipment and materials
Turnover up to € 5 mln € 1080,-
Turnover € 5 mln till € 25 mln € 2170,-
Turnover € 25 mln till € 50 mln € 4330,-
Turnover € 50 mln and more € 7220,-

In these two categories, membership can apply for individual plants but also groups of companies (representatives of all labelling plants belonging to a member group will be eligible for the same membership rights).

Extraordinary members

Category C: Manufacturers of papers, films, foils, adhesives, silicones, release liners, coating equipment, service providers € 2170,-
Category D: National associations of label manufacturers, institutes, information media, academia no charge
Category E: Honorary members, elected by the General Assembly, following a Board proposal. Election is for an indefinite period no charge

DISCOUNT: New converter members that are already a member of a national label association in Europe get a discount. In their first year as FINAT member, the membership fee is only € 100,-.

Why join FINAT?


FINAT European Label Forum

The annual label industry event! A chance to experience high-level presentations by industry experts as well as a unique opportunity for networking. More info

FINAT Technical Seminar

Get the latest on the industry’s technical developments! A seminar developed especially for technical engineers, organized every two years. Get more information on the most recent FINAT events.

Young Professionals Network

An exclusive club open for young professionals of the label industry (below the age of 40) only. A networking opportunity and an excellent chance for young professionals in the industry to discuss topics of common interest, organize specific tasks inside FINAT as well as having some fun together! More information on the YPN

FINAT Committees

Get more out of your FINAT membership by becoming an active member in one of FINAT’s committees! Whether you excel at Marketing, Technical, Recycling or Membership related topics, we have a space for you! Unique opportunity to learn from high-level management cultures across the industry and expand your network with FINAT members from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Read more


FINAT is present where it happens in the industry! Meet us and other members at the FINAT booth at most Labelexpo Events (Europe, Chicago, China, India). Learn more about FINAT' involvement in Labelexpo.

National Associations

FINAT links the label community in cooperation with the national associations. FINAT provides an international network opportunity to local members, and also aims to support new associations in providing consolidated best practices and know-how in the start-up phase. Read about the joint projects.

Public Affairs

FINAT actively participates in public affairs (EC and others) with a professional staff dedicated to ensure that the interests of the self-adhesive industry are well protected, and informs its members of the new legislative changes, with a specific target to recycling issues.

Life Cycle Assessment

FINAT and TLMI initiated a joint LCA guidance project to ensure a level playing field, satisfy stakeholder demands and reduce the work burden of the industry. The project was executed by Pré Consultants (www.pre-sustainability.com), a global leader in environmental measurement, methodologies and integration. The report is available for all FINAT members.

Self-Adhesive labels for Food Packaging

In cooperation with VskE, this document was translated in 2015 and presents the requirements of realizing ‘conformity’. The (non-binding) guidelines reflect the current legal requirements, as well as the scientific and technological status at the time of publication.

Release liner Recycling brochure

FINAT members can spread the word on release liner recycling within their company or to its customers using the promotional brochure (published in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Polish).

Recycling Awards

The FINAT Recycling Awards Competition recognizes efforts of the industry in paper and film release liner recycling. The winner gets recognition for the efforts, a trophy and a certificate, as well as an article in a leading label magazine and an interview in the FINAT news and website.

Exclusive information & visibility


The FINAT RADAR is our association’s 6-monthly, 3600 market overview, offering first hand insights into the development of European labelling market. It is the European label industry’s leading benchmark, offering label converters a unique opportunity to benchmark their performance against the general perspective for the industry. Two editions per year, one focussing on converters, one focussing on brand-owner’s statistics. Get the latest statistics!

FINAT Yearbook

An exclusive “insight” of the major events in the self-adhesive industry and FINAT. Also available in a digital format which allows for easier and more extensive in company distribution. Published each year.

FINAT e-newsletter

A digital newsletter aimed at the whole value chain of the label industry. Published every two weeks. A great opportunity to share the latest developments with your customers as well! Subscribe now


A window and a privileged channel of information on the label industry. Members also get access to an exclusive member’s only part of the site listing important information, technical and educational publications, and proceedings of events and meetings. The website also offers FINAT members free exposure by including them in the Members Directory where visitors can search companies by country and category.

Press releases

Increase your visibility through FINAT! FINAT publishes a steady stream of articles about relevant industry developments and association news in the European trade press. These articles increase the visibility of FINAT and its members in the most important industry press out there!

FINAT Labelling Competition

Get exposure for free by winning a FINAT award! FINAT organises the label industry’s annual competition to demonstrate the advantages and innovation of self-adhesive labelling. Winners of the FINAT International Label Competition go forward for judging in the World Label Competition, organised under the auspices of the World Label Association. A competition live for over 36 years, and still going strong! Read more


Educational E-tools

Get access to a members’ only educational tool to inform customers, partners and colleagues about the true benefits of the self-adhesive label technology! At the same time let our industry grow by using professional standardized educational tools! FINAT has developed e-modules programme on the Label Industry. The first five modules, “Why self-adhesive”, “Total Applied Cost” “Environmental Issues”, “Adhesives and Substrates” and “Combination Printing” are free of charge for FINAT members and available in electronic formats on the website.

FINAT Technical Handbook (Test Methods)

The 9th edition has been published in 2009 in English, French and German. It makes the scientifically proven FINAT standards available for the Label Industry as a recommendation to standardize best practices on an international base. Recently, the 30th test method was added. Members get one hard copy free of charge and can download the pdf version from the website at any time.

FINAT Educational Handbook

A wide-open introduction to the self adhesive industry available in English, French, German and Spanish. Members get one hard copy free of charge and can download the pdf version from the website at any time. See all education

FINAT Webinars (Technology series)

FINAT hosts a few webinars per year, mostly in the technology series on new developments and trending topics. Topics covered are LED UV systems, Direct Print, Colour Measurement and Sensory Labels & Packaging. The webinars are for FINAT members only and free of charge. Afterwards, the recordings are available on the website Members Area.

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