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Join the FINAT membership

FINAT – Empowering the label industry 

Label industry players, from printers to machine manufacturers to material suppliers and others related to the label industry, all deal with time pressure to run a business, find (sustainable) solutions for themselves and their customers, keep track of trends and market developments, benchmark, build a network, monitor regulations, improve operations, etc. The list goes on and the struggle to find out what is best for your organization is an ongoing challenge.

FINAT understands that time effectiveness is a high value and believes that by uniting the global label industry value chain, these aspects can be achieved in a much more efficient way. 

FINAT is there for those in the international (European) label industry value chain who want to network, gain knowledge, collaborate and be represented. Join FINAT so you can: 

  • Maintain a wide ranged international network of various label industry players; 
  • Get easy access to information, such as market statistics, best practices, the internationally known test methods (FTM), FINAT technical webinar series, etc at our events and in our online library; 
  • Be represented by FINAT to strengthen the position of the whole value chain by monitoring developments in regulations & guidelines impacting the interests of the industry (e.g. PPWR revision, REACH, etc); 
  • Receive updates on regulatory affairs that affect the label industry; 
  • Easily get involved in industry projects and collaborate (with stake holders) on common objectives and goals, such as product carbon footprint, young talent outreach, UV FoodSafe, etc; 
  • Gain inspiration and discuss challenges amongst like-minded professionals at FINAT events or in various working groups.

FINAT, one platform that hands you the tools to excel in your daily business and is empowering the international label industry. 

How to become a FINAT member?

  1. Fill in the online application form.
    By completing this form, you state that from today onwards you wish to join FINAT. You also confirm to have examined and agree to the Articles of Association. You will be obliged to pay the annual membership fee. Membership is automatically renewed. You can terminate the membership at least three months before the end of a calendar year.
  2. Your application will be announced to all FINAT members. In a 30-day period, they get a chance to object to membership in case this is out of scope e.g.. In case of an objection, the Board will ask for reasoning and will decide on the acceptance of the application.
  3. After 30 days, your membership will be accepted and you will receive a confirmation package with a more detailed application form to make sure you get the most out of your membership!

Don't stay on the outside, join us now.

Membership categories and fees for 2024

The membership fees are based on the member category and the annual turnover.

Ordinary members

Category A: Label manufacturers
Tier 1

Turnover up to € 8  mln

€ 500,-

Tier 2 Turnover € 8 mln till € 20 mln € 1250,-
Tier 3 Turnover € 20 mln till € 100 mln € 2500,-
Tier 4 Turnover € 100 mln and more € 5000,-
Category B:

(E.g. manufacturers of self-adhesive materials, presses, inks, dies, application machinery, auxiliary equipment,  materials papers, films, foils, adhesives, silicones, release liners, coating equipment, service providers, etc.)

Tier 1 Turnover up to € 3 mln € 1250,-
Tier 2 Turnover € 3 mln till € 25 mln € 2500,-
Tier 3 Turnover € 25 mln till € 100 mln € 4500,-
Tier 4 Turnover € 100 mln and more € 7500,-

In these two categories, membership can apply for individual plants but also groups of companies (representatives of all labelling plants belonging to a member group will be eligible for the same membership rights).

Extraordinary members

Category C: National associations of label manufacturers, institutes, information media, academia no charge
Category D: Honorary members, elected by the General Assembly, following a Board proposal. Election is for an indefinite period no charge

DISCOUNT: New converter members that are already a member of a national label association in Europe get a discount. In their first year as FINAT member, the membership fee is only € 100,-.

FINAT application form