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Organizational structure

FINAT has a unique structure which is in line with the four pillars of the FINAT strategy. FINAT is directed by a tightly-defined structure of Board and workstreams.

The FINAT structure has been regrouped in 2023. The whole organisation is still accountable to its members (via the General Assembly) and led by the Board. The core of the association exists of active members divided in four workstreams, Community, Knowledge, Collaboration, and Advocacy. In each workstream, there are permanent working groups who deal with consistent FINAT activities and temporary taskforces that deal with projects. Below a short overview per workstream. Click on the buttons for more information. 


WS Community

Providing a platform for members to connect, interact, network and maintain relationships and develop common understanding. Responsible for all FINAT internal and external communications and platforms, also supporting other workstreams in their communications.


WS Knowledge

Providing a first-hand knowledge and information hub with printed, digital, live, and recorded content, data and standards. Responsible for creating and co-ordinating knowledge for the FINAT membership so all members get easy answers to their questions.


WS Collaboration

Serves as independent and compliant consortium and project facilitator/manager for FINAT led initiatives. This workstream drives projects together with external parties and internal stakeholders to strengthen the position of the label industry. 


WS Advocacy

Acts as a voice of the European label community on matters like public affairs, stakeholder management, and participation in external initiatives. Representing the label industry to strengthen the position of the whole value chain by monitoring developments in regulations and guidelines impacting the interests of the industry.

Join the workstreams

The active FINAT workstreams (Community, Knowledge, Collaboration, and Advocacy) are looking for candidates with new, fresh ideas, who are able to dedicate a few hours per quarter of their time to the development of new and enhancement of current activities.

This is where the FINAT membership really makes a difference and where you grow your network. All FINAT members are welcome to become more active in one of the workstreams. Contact the FINAT Secretariat via the button below for more information.

FINAT Secretariat

The Secretariat of FINAT is delegated to Lejeune Association Management in The Hague, The Netherlands, and is responsible for the day-to-day correspondence and the execution of decisions taken by either of the above workstreams.

FINAT Secretariat team members


Jules Lejeune

Lejeune Association Management

Managing Director & Support WS Collaboration


Pablo Englebienne

Lejeune Association Management

Public Affairs Mgr & Support WS Advocacy


Cora van der Lek

Lejeune Association Management

Financial Controller


Jakovina van Haeringen

Lejeune Association Management

Event Mgr & Support WS Knowledge


Elke Verbaarschot

Lejeune Association Management

Marketing Communication Mgr & Support WS Community


Stephanie Feith

Lejeune Association Management

Management Assistant


Karla Pastor

Lejeune Association Management

Sustainability Project Manager