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Workstream Community

The workstream Community exists to provide a platform for members to connect, interact, network, and maintain relationships and develop common understanding. The workstream is responsible for all FINAT internal and external communications and platforms, also supporting other workstreams in their communications.

The activities are divided in ongoing working groups and temporary taskforces. The working groups are the EPC, working on the ELF programme each year, the membership & volunteer development group, and the media, marketing & communications group (MARCOM). Current projects are covering (member) value proposition and community visibility.

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FINAT WS Community members


Nathalie Gerard

Dow Silicones

WS member - MARCOM WG


Avgerinos Chatzichrysos

For Labels

WS member - membership WG


Uwe Boerner

Gallus Ferd. RĂ¼esch AG

WS member - MARCOM WG


Niklas Olsson


WS member - EPC WG


Amir Sayer


WS member - MARCOM WG


Noel Mitchell

label . film . & pack solutions

WS member - membership + EPC WG


Alina Miccolis

Fedrigoni Adhesives

WS project member


Isidore Leiser

Stratus Packaging

WS member - MARCOM WG


Marika Knorr

CCL Industries



Tom Schouten

Geostick B.V.



Marco Aengenvoort

Rotocontrol EMT

WS project member


Dana Kilarska

Purgina spol s.r.o.

WS project member


Alfredo Pollici


WS project member


Susan Ellison

OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group Ltd

WS member - membership WG