FINAT Recycling News

Below a selection of recycling news from the industry.

FINAT Recycling Project 2016

The focus of FINAT Recycling Project's efforts in 2016 was a fact-finding study on release liner waste in 10 countries in Europe. The study provides insight into legislative situation in the release liner waste volumes, a detailed breakdown of the destination for the waste per country, available solutions and obstacles per country, as well an overview of possible logistics hubs. Finally, the study contains a number of recommendations which will serve as the basis for an updated project plan moving forward.

FINAT Recycling Project Group progress

Based on the outcome of the fact-finding study, the recycling group has identified a number of key areas of focus:

  1. Raising awareness among brand-owners through intensification of outreach efforts
  2. Raising awareness among converters by looking beyond FINAT's membership
  3. Legislative adjustments to facilitate the transport of liner waste

With a detailed project plan ready, expect more news by the end of the year!

For more news on recycling initiatives, go to the news section of this website and filter on recycling/sustainability.

Case studies and success stories

The self-adhesive label industry is hard at work to ensure that paper and film release liners are recognized as valuable recyclable materials. The real-life success stories and case studies on this page show that release liner recycling is not only technically feasible; it can be good business.

Success stories and case studies:

December 2017: UPM Raflatac's RafCycle recycling solution expanding to China

January 2017: Henkel's Beauty Care business unit achieves zero label liner waste with UPM Raflatac's RafCycle®
September 2016: Collaboration across the supply chain (Smart Water by Coca-Cola European Partners)
February 2016: Company reports heightened sustainability performance through release liner recycling
February 2015: Winery reports advantages of liner recycling
June 2012: Paper liner recycling: Leading wine labeller embraces benefits