The FINAT RADAR provides a convenient and up to date ‘radar screen’ to monitor trends and developments relevant to the European label and narrow web business. Each edition of the report carries the results of a number of parallel surveys covering different segments of our industry’s value chain.

Core of the report is the state of business in label conversion, and for this purpose an online survey is carried out amongst converter members. Parallel to the converter survey, LPC conducts a survey amongst a representative sample group of brand owners and end-users of labels and narrow web solutions.

Additionally, each report contains an overview of trends and developments per region in the demand for self-adhesive materials as well as equipment installations, as indicators of consumption and investment inside the industry. Finally, the closing chapter of the RADAR is always dedicated to a topic of special interest.

The FINAT RADAR offers you a full 360˚ scan of the industry and its markets.

The statistics are produced by market research agency LPC, in collaboration with the Industry Trends Subcommittee chaired by Ferdi Rüesch, co-chaired by Karl Fust and supported by our Managing Director Jules Lejeune.

NEW: the FINAT Digital Label Market Study

Purpose of this study is to present FINAT members with data and analysis to support their investment decision making. The report offers a critical analysis of the current digital technology landscape in Europe, as well as trends and future projections relevant to digital printing in the different regions and sectors. The following items are covered in this study:

1. Study Objective and Acknowledgements
2. Introduction

  • Digital Press Formats and Making a Case for Each
  • The Case for Regional Digital Press Format Preferences
  • Are Digital Presses Taking Market Share from Conventional Press Systems?
  • Which Technology Should a Converter Purchase? The Case for Rigourous Due Diligence

3. Digital Market Sizing and Forecasts for Europe
4. Converters’ Digital Sales Revenue Curves after Installing a Digital Label Press
5. The FINAT Digital Converter Survey
6. Implications and Conclusions for FINAT Members

  • Digital Pain Points and Non-Users’ Hesitation to Invest
  • Brand Owners and Packaging Buyers: How Much Are They Enforcing Digital Print Supply Channels?
  • The Digital Production Landscape of the Future: Single Pass Production for All Labelling Requirements