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"Wine & Beverage International Brand Strategy”, make an impact in the market.

A joint masterclass with Nicole Poggi, Wine, Spirits & Food Brand Strategist & Owner of Route 'n Roots on the Arconvert-Ritrama LiveWaves Platform.

The upcoming Arconvert-Ritrama LiveWaves webinar puts the spotlight on the importance of brand equity and how to ensure you are making an impact by being truly competitive within your market.

Led by Nicole Poggi, an international wine & beverage brand strategist with an expertise in management and global markets, the webinar will delve into strategies on how to best make connections between brands and markets to raise awareness and enhance the performance, whether it is to grow sales, margins or trade/consumer loyalty. The webinar will highlight how to bring even more value to brands, being that a brand is a true asset for any company to generate business growth.

As an industry insider, Nicole has a wealth of experience to share on how excellent packaging is a core part of a high-value brand strategy, especially when launching a new product onto the market. Taking into consideration product positioning as well having the right tools and strategies in place to make an impact and to meet the demands of today's extremely competitive markets is vital for any business to raise brand awareness and ensure their growth and profit margins.

This webinar reaches out to wine & beverage producers, players in the industry, creatives, communications agencies, distributors or associations and will focus on the following core topics among others:

  • Buyology - we are all consumers
  • Brand & Branding: what it is, development, purpose and identity
  • Sensorial branding
  • Narrative of a story
  • Target & positioning

Registrations at the following link: http://ow.ly/cTZc50DDJTo