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VPF presents innovative bio-based hotmelt adhesive HM302

The labelstock specialist VPF is expanding its adhesive portfolio with a new, extremely high-bonding hotmelt adhesive based on organic rubber.The new adhesive HM302 is mineral oil-free, bio-based with a certified organic content of at least 45%, has a very low carbon footprint compared to other hotmelt adhesives and has a significantly higher initial tack than all previous VPF adhesives.

The synthetic rubber adhesive was brought to being market ready after extensive test series. The long development process aimed at a special adhesive with high adhesive strength and a low carbon footprint. The result is impressive: the extremely high initial tack to glass of more than 40N / 25mm (with a coating weight of just 30g/m²), even for a hotmelt adhesive, is exceptional. At the same time, the shear strength remains in the easily processable and die-cuttable range - more than 20 hours according to FTM8 with a coating weight of even 40 grams.

The VPF adhesive HM302 has other important advantages in addition to its outstanding adhesive strength values: The adhesive is completely free of mineral oil and can therefore be combined with almost all paper and film face materials. The adhesive is approved for direct food contact and its adhesive strength makes it particularly suitable for labelling difficult, even non-polar surfaces - including cheese rind, for example.

The innovative HM302 adhesive has a certified organic content of at least 45%. The organic content is obtained from soya bean waste, so there is no conflict with food production. The use of biomass significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the adhesive and is now on the same level as standard emulsion acrylics.

Due to the convincing advantages - performance and sustainability - VPF is positioning the new HM302 adhesive as a new standard hotmelt in its product range and is now offering the adhesive from low minimum quantities for a variety of applications. As usual, the adhesive can be combined with all VPF face materials and release liners according to the modular system – of course also with many more sustainable papers, films and recycled liners.