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VPF GmbH & Co. KG at Label Expo Europe

Joining the LABELEXPO Europe with a trusted concept and new services

Along the lines of "all common adhesive technologies from one single source", German VPF GmbH & Co. KG is going to be on site at Brussels again. 

The slogan of the self adhesive materials specialists from Sprockhoevel allows for the long time perfected product range of "custom-built adhesives" to handle water-based dispersions as well as Hotmelt adhesives (conventional synthetic rubber and UV-cured acrylics) and solvent-based adhesives under one roof.

At the Labelexpo 2009, stand 5A65, VPF is going to present especially the recently purchased Hotmelt technology and UV-curable acrylic products for technical applications. For automotive applications for example, there will be self adhesive materials for tire labeling, steel and metal labeling products with extended adhesive coating weights up to 90 g/qm for the heavy industry and laser printable materials for chemical applications, where demands for seawater-proof adhesives according to the BS 5609 standard for drum labeling are increasing more and more. VPF offers UV-curable acrylics to solve this problem, which are also more frequently replacing classical adhesives.

General manager Ralf Waltmann explains the special status of the company within the wide range of self adhesive manufacturers: "As a manufacturer of self adhesive materials, service provider for coatings in the self adhesives sector and producer of various functional composites, VPF possesses an unmatched flexibility, reflecting in an extremely reliable supply at very short delivery times and small minimum quantities, starting at 1,000 square meters."

"The same applies for products with adhesive-free zones, colored adhesives, multi-layer composites, custom-made release values and dry-peel products", adds Dirk Balzer, sales director at VPF. "Furthermore, customers do not only purchase the standard, but special combinations of any imaginable backing materials - and all of this according to the customer demanded and jointly verified specifications", as Werner Burschil, the company's technical director, completes the description.