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New range of security labelstock successfully established in the market

When manufacturing self-adhesive security labels, VPF leaves no room for compromise. In addition to the standard products already well established in the market for many years, seven further speciality self-adhesive labelstock materials with unique security features have now been added to the regular product portfolio.

Whether for upmarket consumer goods or special pharmaceutical, electronic of automotive applications, self-adhesive security labels are an effective way of guarding against counterfeiting and tampering. As a producer of specialty self-adhesive materials, the Germany-based manufacturer VPF has expanded its range of standard products in this segment and now offers 11 different well-coordinated security materials which can be ordered in quantities as low as just 200 m².

The newly established PET security films with VOID effect are available in a total of six varieties – from matt or glossy silver to transparent glossy and a special hologram-style film, all the options offer the same function: when the material is peeled off, the word VOID appears in irreversible lettering.

In addition to this, VPF offers three special PET facestock materials with a checkerboard effect when peeled – in matt or glossy white and in glossy silver – as well as another two PET security films with a diamond pattern (matt white and matt silver).

All the PET security films have a thickness of between 40 and 50 µ and come with a high-grade UV acrylate adhesive HM 716 UV with increased coat weight (25 g/m²). This adhesive shows excellent initial bond strength, even on difficult substrates, as well as good media and temperature resistance. 

Already well established is the matt white splittable PE security film (thickness 109 µ) as well as the market-leading matt white 50 µ PVC splitter film, which cannot be peeled off, no matter how carefully, without destroying the material. These two materials are coated with dispersion acrylates specially adapted for the application and are available from 200 m² and up.

By expanding its standard range of products for security and safety applications, leading specialty self-adhesive labelstock supplier VPF is establishing its position as an innovative and flexible partner to the labels industry when it comes to prevention of tampering and counterfeiting or protection against improper opening of original materials, such as pharmaceutical packaging or safety-related components in engineering applications.