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VIGC training: Colour in a production process

Well-coordinated processes of a graphic workflow are the key to a correct colour result. The right choices have to be made in design, printing and quality control in order to achieve a saleable end result.

With a series of 3 training modules, we provide background, tools and applications to achieve greater predictability of colour.

Module Colour- 21 September 2023, 9am-11am
In this module, we explore the technical parameters to 'manage' colour. These form the basis for applications in prepess and print.

Module Prepress - 28 September 2023, 9am to 11am
Here the focus is on displays: choosing, viewing, processing and evaluating the colours of images and graphic design.

Module Print - 5 October 2023, 9am to 12pm
This module covers everything needed to print or print predictable colours.

Target audience
Anyone who wants to better understand the impact of printing technology on colour reproduction from a technical point of view.
Prior knowledge in colour a plus, but not essential.

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