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VIGC brings knowledge to your home (#INUWKOT)

Despite the fact that the corona crisis is hitting our individual lives extremely hard and certainly also the business operations of graphic companies, we at VIGC want to continue to commit ourselves to informing you.

You can now follow specific knowledge sessions in Dutch on Friday afternoon (13h - 14h CET)! During these webinars we will briefly and powerfully inform you about one specific theme. A session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. These VIGC sessions are free of charge for members and non-members.

End the week well and get to know our experts. Don't hesitate to invite your colleagues.

Friday 17 April 2020 (11h-12h) - Lightfastness

By Fons Put, Senior Innovation Consultant VIGC

Due to its success and demand we repeat this session on lightfastness!

How long does printed matter retain its colour? Packaging, banners and other types of printed matter lose their colour as soon as they are exposed to light. How fast this happens depends on the inks, toners, substrates and printing technique used. In this first 'Plugging in on Friday', Fons Put explains the principles of lightfastness and shows the handy VIGC tools for predicting the colour performance of printed products.


Friday, April 17, 2020 (13h-14h) - How do I keep my business afloat in the corona crisis?

By Dharminder Bihari, CEO Bizzmodell

In this Webinar, we will share knowledge about the impact of the lock-down and corona crisis on your print media business.

There will be two phases for you as an entrepreneur:

  • How do I keep my business operational during the corona crisis?
  • What will my services look like after the corona crisis?

In both cases you will have to anticipate and adapt. This means that you will have to solve new management issues for your company. Dharminder will show you how to get started with your company by means of a number of practical tips.


Friday 24 April 2020 - The role of print in a modern marketing mix.

By Jos Steutelings, Managing Director VIGC

The importance of printed matter may have snowed under in our (over)digitized society. There is certainly a wrong perception of printed matter in various areas. In this session VIGC shows that printed matter that is used in the right way has an enormous added value in the (digital) communication mix. By means of interesting figures and nice cases you will be completely 'into print' at the end of the presentation!


Friday 8 May 2020 - PDF update

By Carl Van Rooy, Senior Innovation Consultant VIGC

For the layout of printed matter Microsoft is still used. The supplied PDF's are not always correct and cause problems with processing or are poorly printed. How to deal with this?


See you Friday afternoon and stay healthy in the meantime!