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UPM Raflatac meets rigorous Home Care labeling requirements with global portfolio launch

UPM Raflatac, the world's leading sustainable label company, is pleased to announce the global launch of a renewed portfolio of innovative Home Care film label materials*. Whether your brand specializes in laundry care, surface care, dishwashing liquids or home insecticides, our high quality labeling solutions will offer consistent performance and ensure your products stand out on the shelf.

Brand loyalty in the Home Care segment is important to many consumers and a label is a brand owner's best chance at making a first impression that could generate a customer for life. But those labels have to perform well, time after time, even though they are often used in moist or wet environments and experience content spillage. UPM Raflatac's superior labeling solutions will consistently meet brands' needs - from rigid, to conformable and squeezable, large bottles and even open closure with resealable functionality.

Sustainability is top of mind for leading brand owners, and UPM Raflatac's Home Care line includes a wide range of ecodesigned products that can enable them to meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials; reduce waste, water and energy usage; and promote a circular economy. This includes innovative products like UPM Raflatac's Association of Plastic Recyclers-recognized wash-off labels with RW85C adhesive for PET containers and Vanish(TM) PCR, a clear film with a 90 percent recycled content face - a global first for sustainable packaging.

"UPM Raflatac's global line of Home Care label materials offer the best in functionality and sustainability performance, which allows brands to differentiate themselves among their competitors," says Timo Kekki, Vice President, Films SBU, UPM Raflatac. "As part of our commitment to labeling a smarter future, our experts around the world will work with brands to determine the right label for the right container, ensuring perfect decoration for your packaging."

Click here for more information about UPM Raflatac's renewed Home Care film label portfolio and to learn about how enabling a circular economy can help your brand build a sustainable future.