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UPM Raflatac introduces new wave for plastic packaging: The world’s first RecyClass certified paper label for rigid HDPE and PP

UPM Raflatac has announced the launch of its innovative New Wave paper label material compatible with recycling. It is the first RecyClass certified paper label material to obtain a Letter of Compatibility for use on rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) containers. The test results confirm the compatibility even for natural and white material streams, which require the highest purity of recyclate from the recycling processes. This groundbreaking new label material represents a major step forward in the recycling of rigid plastic packaging, helping brand owners continue to make the shift towards enhanced circularity. At the moment, New Wave is the only RecyClass-recognized label solution for rigid natural and white HDPE and PP material streams.

The New Wave label material is designed to provide functionality for the full life cycle of products, primarily home and personal care products such as soap bottles or washing detergent containers. It supports the purity of recycled materials by washing off cleanly at just 40°C using plain water with no chemicals required. Available now to customers in EMEIA, followed by the Asian market, the New Wave label material is tested to perform without fiberloss in the recycling process, helping to prevent contamination in material streams. This ensures the resulting recyclate can be used again in new packaging without compromising on quality and gives producers more choice when it comes to using label materials from a renewable source.

Until now, obtaining RecyClass approval for natural and white HDPE and PP rigid packaging has been difficult due to the lack of any RecyClass approved label. However, with the introduction of the New Wave paper label material, brands can now achieve certification for the final packaging with New Wave label material certified by RecyClass. This Letter of Compatibility confirms that the label material is compatible with recycling technologies used at an industrial scale.

“When brands choose the New Wave Label material for their rigid HDPE or PP packaging, they can make the full package eligible for RecyClass certification. Brand owners will not have to test the packaging further if all packaging components have either a letter of compatibility, a technology approval letter, or the material choice meets RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines,” states Robert Taylor, Director Sustainability, UPM Raflatac.

"This launch marks a significant breakthrough in our efforts to enhance the circularity of plastic packaging," says Sylwia Jurys, Vice President, Paper Laminates, UPM Raflatac. "As regulations such as the European Packaging and Packaging Wate Regulation (PPWR) continue to evolve, we have worked with RecyClass to provide a solution that not only meets strict recycling criteria but also sets a new standard for sustainable packaging. We are proud to lead the way in recyclable packaging solutions, helping brand owners meet their sustainability targets and close the loop to support a circular packaging economy."

UPM Raflatac's ongoing commitment to sustainability is delivered through the company’s Beyond Fossils ambition. The New Wave label is a testament to the company's innovative spirit and its dedication to the principles of circular economy.