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UPM Raflatac introduces new residue-free textile label adhesive

UPM Raflatac has launched the RP38 TXL adhesive for clothing and textile labeling in retail environments. Available in the European market, the new adhesive ensures that labels stay in place without discoloring the fabric or leaving residue when removed.

RP38 TXL keeps labels securely in place for applications such as clothing and product labeling, and protects merchandise by ensuring that there are no markings or discolorations from the label. The adhesive offers stable performance in product label printing and dispensing, and doesn't bleed, even in warm conditions. 

Though RP38 TXL keeps labels firmly attached, it also allows them to be easily removed without leaving behind any residue. This ensures usable end products and helps to safeguard the brand's image and protect retailers from claims. 

"RP38 TXL has been developed to function well throughout the label's life cycle, from conversion and dispensing, through to retail usage and removal. This new adhesive offers clothing a safe labeling solution that protects textiles, while still keeping labels firmly adhered," says Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager Retail and Logistics, UPM Raflatac.