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UPM Raflatac extends security label offering with new selection of ultra-destructible film labels

UPM Raflatac has expanded its security labels range on the European market with the addition of two new ultra-destructible (UD) film labels. These films help to meet increased demand from brand owners for more secure labeling solutions and pharmaceutical applications. Expanding upon traditional UD solutions, they incorporate innovative tamper resistance and a more sustainable non-PVC construction, and are suitable for a variety of applications.

When alteration or removal from the substrate is attempted, the brittle nature of the film makes it impossible to remove the label in one piece. This serves to authenticate products and protects brands by flagging tampering at any stage in the supply chain.

This UD line is designed for a variety of applications that depend on guaranteed authenticity, and includes: Acrylate Gloss Clear UD and Acetate White UD - both enabling conversion speeds that are up to three times faster than PVC White UD film. These films meet the exacting requirements for UD performance and are ideal for security warranty seals. Furthermore, Acrylate Gloss Clear UD is currently the only clear UD filmic material available on the market. When combined with our RP62 EU adhesive, this UD material meets the requirements of even the most challenging pharmaceutical packaging substrates and includes the pharmaceutical product change management guarantee.

Utilizing non-PVC materials helps reduce the environmental impact and waste-disposal costs. UPM Small Roll Service is also available for all of the new UD films to allow smaller quantity ordering for maximum business flexibility. 

"Advances in labeling technology, as shown in the UD security film label products, bring clear advantages for secure labeling. Their unique tamper-evident features perfectly complement the articles to which they are applied - protecting brand names and consumer safety through label protection throughout the supply chain", says Thomas Treichel, Labelling Solutions Manager, Security and Postal, UPM Raflatac.

For further information please contact: Thomas Treichel, Labelling Solutions manager, Security and Postal, UPM Raflatac, tel. +49 21195799171