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UPM Raflatac collaborates with Magic Add to launch RafMore smart label solution

UPM Raflatac launches an innovative new solution for brand promotion, protection and logistics applications. Developed in cooperation with cloud-based data and content management experts Magic Add, RafMore combines pressure-sensitive labels and unique machine-readable codes to open up completely new possibilities for product verification and tracking, marketing analytics and consumer engagement.

RafMore is a smart solution that provides the possibility to give each and every labeled product a unique digital identity. The unique codes embedded into the label designs are stored in a cloud database and act as an information channel at every point on the product's journey from creation to consumption.

Brands can use this unique digital identity to add value in a variety of ways. For brand promotion, RafMore can be used to boost consumer engagement by providing new ways to tell a brand's story. For example, the code embedded in a label can be linked to digital content that evolves as the consumer journey progresses. RafMore also allows brands to create new service models, accurately track and trace products, improve inventory accuracy, verify authenticity and protect against counterfeiting attempts.

"RafMore allows brands to unlock the largely untapped potential of the labels attached to their products in a variety of different ways", says Jan Hasselblatt, Director, Global Business Development, UPM Raflatac. "RafMore connects each and every labeled product to the web and helps brands gather valuable information that can be used to increase consumer engagement, optimize logistics processes, and protect brand integrity."

RafMore will be showcased at Labelexpo Europe 2017 - the world's largest event for the label and package printing industry - in Brussels, Belgium on September 25-28.