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UPM Raflatac boosts the circular economy with new recycled content film labels for home and personal care

UPM Raflatac is labeling a smarter future by answering the growing demand of increasing the amount of recycled content in packaging materials. New UPM Raflatac PE PCR White TC 85 label material, made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic from household waste and a minimum of 55 percent post-industrial (PIR) plastic, supports the circular use of materials and helps brand owners reach their sustainability goals. PE PCR White TC 85 is available in Europe for the home and personal care markets.

All over the world, there is a growing movement to find better ways of reducing plastic waste. Moreover, legislation in the European Union sets pressure to increase recycling to cover more than 50 percent of the EU’s plastic waste and make all plastic packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030. Transforming the plastics value chain also requires boosting the demand for recycled plastics by manufacturing more products from recycled content.

As one of the signatories to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment, UPM Raflatac is committed to offering labeling solutions with recycled content that are suitable for a variety of end-uses. The Global Commitment has already mobilized over 400 signatories that are determined to start building a circular economy for plastics, of which many are also setting targets for the amount of recycled content used in their plastic packaging.

“By introducing PE PCR White TC 85 to the market, we showcase our commitment to the circular economy and help brand owners and end users achieve their sustainability targets. As the label material contains post-consumer recycled content from household waste and post-industrial recycled content, it reduces the use of virgin feedstocks and therefore saves natural resources, contributing to lower environmental impact. PE PCR White TC 85 can be recycled in standard plastic recycling streams, and gives applications an authentic look that reflects sustainability,” says Anniina Kujala, Segment Manager, Films, UPM Raflatac.