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UPM Raflatac achieves an industry first RecyClass recognition in PE films

UPM Raflatac has received RecyClass recognition for PE Films with its Multipurpose UV acrylic adhesive technology - making UPM Raflatac the first ever pressure sensitive laminate producer to receive technology approval in this category. The granted recognition expands UPM Raflatac’s portfolio of RecyClass approved PE (polyethylene) label materials. These materials are recognized to be recycling compatible with colored and natural PE flexible films.

Today’s consumers and brand owners demand product solutions where the sustainability aspects including packaging recyclability are carefully considered. As a significant trend which is only going to get bigger, UPM Raflatac is well positioned to cater for the growing market demands with its labeling solutions for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products which are by default designed to support recycling compatibility.

“We are working towards a more sustainable and circular future. One big part of this is making plastic packaging recyclable. Labels not only serve as a carrier of information on flexible packages and packaging films, but also offer a functional purpose for example as closure systems. We are proud to be the first ever self-adhesive label company to provide RecyClass approved recycling compatible labeling solutions for PE flexible packaging,” says Katja Kivelä, Business Director, Food and HPC, Films & Specials SBU EMEIA, UPM Raflatac.

RecyClass is an initiative driven by the interest of brands, retailers, converters, raw material producers and recyclers to advance the recyclability of plastic packaging to improve recyclability and recyclate quality. With its scientific approach, RecyClass enhances and evaluates the recyclability of plastic packaging by developing methodologies and guidelines necessary to assess the recyclability of a package.

*Specific label materials and conditions of the approval can be found in the RecyClass Technology Approval Letter: Letter 1