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Updated offer and new Selection Guide for Durables labelling

UPM Raflatac introduces the updated selection of labelling solutions for industrial, outdoor, machinery and appliance labelling in Europe. These products offer a diverse set of specifications to meet the requirements of specific applications. Advanced water-based and UV-cured adhesives offer environmentally responsible choices.

As a category, Durables labelling has widely varying requirements for resistance to exposures including heat, chemicals, moisture, mechanical stress and outdoor conditions including UV light. The type of material being labelled also places demands particularly on the adhesive according to the surface energy and smoothness.

To meet these requirements, UPM Raflatac’s Durables range incorporates solid face stocks with and without topcoats, plus overlaminating films for extra print protection, mechanical resistance and an extended service life. The latest non-solvent adhesive technology offers the same or better performance than traditional solutions, and with much-reduced environmental impacts.

A newly published ‘Durables Selection Guide’ gives information about each product’s technical characteristics and makes it easy to look for suitable label materials for technically demanding applications. The guide is available for download on the UPM Raflatac website, together with full technical details on UPM Raflatac’s Durables product range.