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Unique PureScreen? Solution to be Unveiled at Labelexpo 2017

Narrow web ink and varnish specialist Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd is set to unveil an innovative and exciting UV screen solution as part of it new PureScreen range which will debut at Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels.

PureScreen is a truly unique concept which consists of blending the PureScreen transparent and/or opaque white reducing medium with the company’s high strength, mono-pigmented PureTone inks. This creates a UV screen ink system for optimal print quality and colour consistency between screen and flexo and generates significant cost-savings for the label printer due the substantial reduction in the number of mixing bases required. The PureScreen inks can be printed through either a rotary or flat-bed screen.

A PureScreen colour matching database, using X-Rite’s InkFormulation Software (IFS), has been created to offer all the advantages of PureTone in terms of digital colour management for accurate formulations and easy colour matching. When combined with pre-press proofing equipment, further cost savings are achieved through reduced downtime and less waste on press.

Gary Seward, Managing Director, Pulse Roll Label Products said, “This is a truly unique solution for UV flexo and screen printers. The new PureScreen high strength UV screen ink system uses the same mono-pigmented ink technology as our successful flagship UV flexo ink system, PureTone. With just the addition of our specially formulated screen reducing mediums, customers can accurately match the same colours also printed flexo. This solution offers colour control and consistency when matching colours printed using the two different technologies. Label printers would traditionally require at least 30 base colours to achieve the same end result so the reduced number of mixing bases required provides significant cost-savings in terms of ink inventory reduction.”

Screen printing is popular for printing high-end labels in food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, often in combination with flexo printing.

Seward continued, “Traditionally screen inks have been used for their opacity on dark bottles and to achieve a high quality effect on premium labels. For cost-effectiveness, the back label is often printed on paper substrates using flexography.

The challenge for label printers and brand owners is to replicate and match the same colours on the flexo printed back label to the front label printed with opaque UV screen inks. And this is a costly process because of the large number of colours required to achieve a good colour match. PureScreen provides a unique solution to address this challenge.”

The PureScreen UV screen reducing medium has also been formulated to contain raw materials that are food packaging compliant (FPC). This means a reduced risk of contamination when used on printing presses which also run food packaging compliant inks, varnishes and coatings, providing greater flexibility for the converter to move jobs from press to press. When blended with PureTone FPC UV flexo inks, a complete food packaging compliant UV screen solution is provided.

To provide a complete UV screen solution for label printers, the new PureScreen range also includes the company’s existing silicone free opaque white ink, a UV screen matt and high gloss varnish, plus the company’s best-selling braille varnish and high build embossing varnish.