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Ultra-destructible VPF security films

VPF, the specialist for adhesive materials and innovative provider of adhesive materials for security solutions, has sucessfully expanded its product portfolio by free of PVC, destructible acrylate security films, available in transparent and white.

Until now, the production of the­se special materials has mainly been based on PVC or acetate tech­nology, although this is associated with considerable drawbacks, e.g. limited storage life, the emission of volatile plasticisers or residual sol­vents, and odour nuisance. As completely new alternative, VPF has now developed two ultra-destructible security films (VPF 72704 transparent and VPF 72706 white) based on innovative acrylate technology. With the same functionality, they not only are totally free of plasti­cisers and PVC, but also exhibit a longer storage life while being to­tally odourless as well.

The adhesive specially tailored to this application is stronger than the facestock’s tear resistance. As a re­sult, any attempt to release ultra-destructible security films causes them to disintegrate into tiny pie­ces. This makes them ideal as the starting material for tamper-proof authenticity seals, test marks and inventory labels as well as for protection from tampe­ring before first use.

The acrylate security film white matt 72706 is particularly suitable and successfully established for the overlabelling of medicines: In certain cases, already packaged medicine blisters have to be reliab­ly overlabelled, without the sealed tablets having to be fully repa­ckaged. To this end, the original print on the package has to be masked with a sufficiently opaque material without making it more difficult for the patient to press out the blisterpacked tablets.

VPF-acrylate security films are totally PVC-free, amenable to prolonged storage and resistant to ageing, suitable for direct food contact, free of solvent residues and plasticisers, odourless, suitable for outdoor use and easily printable with a large va­riety of common printing tech­nologies. For best die-cutting and reliably matrix-stripping VPF has selected pressure-sensitive adhesives with a long track record in that field combined with spe­cially adapted liners and defined release values.

VPF security films 72704 transparent matt and 72706 white matt are available right now in low minimum volumes of 200 m² with the adhesive 980 and white Glassine B700-473, 63g. Due to sufficiently high stocks, larger quantities can also be delivered quickly. On request, also other adhesive and liner combinations can be supplied, for which the flexible and ever dependable VPF modular system can be used.