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UK food contact materials authorization guide

The UK Food Standards Agency published guidance concerning the authorization of FCMs for the GB part of the UK market post-Brexit; note that Northen Ireland will continue to follow EU rules.

The guidance details how to apply for authorization of new FCMs, and keeps references to retained EU regulations, including the positive lists for plastic monomers and additives, actuve/intelligent materials, recycled plastics and regenerated cellulose films.

Plastic of recycled cellulose additives legally authorized in the EU before the 1/1/2021 date are automatically authorized to be placed in the UK market; if the process was still not finalized by that date then a new application would need to be submitted using the free application service, including a sample for the UK National Reference Laboratory.

The processing of new applications, including the risk assessment is expected to take up to 15 months.

For additional information, see also reports from Keller & Heckman and FPF.

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