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UEI® Group announces NEW Infinity® Foils, Inc. Headquarters facility

Infinity® Foils, Inc. recently unveiled their new headquarters facility, located at 14614 West 106th Street in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. “We have been working on our new facility project for over a year and are very pleased about the value it will offer our customers” stated Jim Hutchison, President/CEO of Infinity® Foils, Inc. and Sr. Vice President of UEI® Group.

To commemorate the Grand Opening, Jim Hutchison cut the ribbon on the new facility March 25, 2020. The new headquarters facility is an expansion of the original Infinity® Foils, Inc. location. Now, having 3X more space it provides for an increase in capacity of foil products, as well as, additional slitting and cutting capabilities. “We carefully planned our new headquarters to accommodate the needs of our customers today, and for the future. We want to best support the industries we serve, and are committed to taking the appropriate growth steps to do so,” commented Hutchison.

Currently, with seven warehouse locations, including another converting facility in Napa, California, Infinity® Foils, Inc. has continued to expand geographically to better service customers. Additionally, having global exposure as a UEI® Group company, has provided Infinity® Foils, Inc. with an increased presence in both traditional markets, as well as, emerging markets and applications.

Infinity® Foils, Inc. will be celebrating it’s 15-year anniversary this July, and the new headquarters was targeted for this year. “With our new facility and the associated improvements, we are able to further expand our product range, process orders at a faster pace, and better meet customer’s needs,” expressed Haley Hutchison-Quick, Vice President of Infinity® Foils, Inc.