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Tye Cine Saved Time and Reduced Costs with Flint Group nyloflex® Printing Plates

Tye Cine Colour Separations Sdn Bhd started its operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1988. With a humble beginning as a small production house that had aspirations for advertising back in the late ‘80s.

The company transformed itself in 2000, when it took their big leap forward by investing in digital flexo platemaking. After the successful commissioning and training of its team in 2001, Tye Cine officially became the first company in South East Asia to offer digital flexo platemaking.

In 2004, Tye Cine etched into their history books once again by moving into their current plant in KIP Industrial Park that would support its growing business and ambitions. Ever since, Tye Cine have repeatedly proven themselves with continued investments in technology and human capital, with its primary intention to grow and expand the Flexo industry in this region. Today, together with their strategic business partners, Tye Cine have established themselves not only as a reputable pre-press company but as specialists in flexo plate making, direct laser engraving for sleeves and plates, and color separation.

Flexo in this segment

Flexographic packaging is one of the fastest growing market segments in Asia. Along with this growth comes a new set of challenges for packaging printers. The flexible packaging market demands faster job changes, lower costs, and higher health and safety fines, while offering high print quality and short runs.

“Our customers have high expectations when it comes to quality and service. Nowadays, everyone is trying to differentiate with higher quality in regard to resolution and special print effects. To ensure continued competitiveness, we have to stay up to date with new technologies. When we started with plate making, we were asking around the industry about suppliers who were delivering high quality products. Flint Group received many recommendations when it came to high quality and the durability of their printing plates. A good product by itself is not enough to win and grow market share; a strong and reliable support structure must be inclusive in the total package to succeed. This was the critical decisive factor for Tye Cine to partner with Flint Group, who have a reliable local presence with global technical expertise. With this formula, it has been 18 years of a successful partnership, and we look forward to more,” said Mr. T.S. Theng, Managing Director of Tye Cine.


Tye Cine uses a variety of Flint Group’s nyloflex® flexo printing plates for specific applications:

nyloflex® ACE Digital: With a round top dot, the nyloflex® ACE Digital plate sets the benchmark in flexo printing. The high durometer plate can be used for flexible packaging, tags & labels and corrugated pre-print suitable for water-based and UV-inks. “The nyloflex® ACE Digital is definitely the standard plate of the market. It delivers an outstanding quality reproduction of smooth vignettes and high contrast images on film, foil and coated paper substrates”, stated Mr. Theng

nyloflex® FTF Digital: The inherent flat top dot plate, nyloflex® FTF Digital with a smooth plate surface, can be customized with surface screening and is ideal for the flexible packaging market. No additional equipment, no time-consuming LED exposure or any consumables are required. “This plate reduced our cost and saves us time which leads to increased productivity and better consistency.”

nyloflex® FAC Digital: This plate is utilized to achieve superior print quality with sharper images, more open intermediate depths, finer highlights and less dot gain in corrugated post-printing.

Additionally, Tye Cine is a certified FlexoExpert, which helped tp improve Tye Cine’s platemaking processes, elevating them to another maturity level.


“Generally, all Flint Group products we use deliver a very good print result and are very durable. Furthermore, we save time and reduce costs due to faster setup times and less press stops. Our partnership has delivered cost reductions and increased productivity. Flint Group understands both Tye Cine and the market’s needs. Their support on new developments have always been excellent, and we work very closely at our printers. When I think about great partnerships, I always think about Flint Group,” stated Mr. Theng.

nyloflex® is a registered trademark of Flint Group.