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Two day Technical Training Aniloxes at Apex

Have you ever wondered what a hexagonal 60° anilox cell engraving actually looks like? Or considered what vital role it plays in achieving the best results in print on corrugated board? By organizing a two-day training, tailored to all industries, Apex is providing print professionals with answers to these – and many more – questions by sharing relevant insights, practical knowledge and important background information on the basics of anilox technology.

Covering every aspect of anilox

ome 50 professionals from the Germany gathered in March at Apex’ headquarters in Hapert (The Netherlands) for the ‘Technical Training Aniloxes 2019’ training. With a mix of presentations, Apex specialists made sure to cover every aspect of anilox technology and its impact on the Corrugated-, Flexo-, Label-, ánd offset/ coating industries. Their valuable information ranged from how gluesets can improve the manufacturing of corrugated board, to the impact that laser engraved ceramic aniloxes have on print quality, and the importance of good cleaning and maintenance.

Participant Christian Aschermann works as a technical engineer at Göpfert. "The seminar is very educational for everyone. Every job can learn important information and processes. I found the seminar very interesting!"

Factory tour and live demonstrations

A guided factory tour and live demonstrations offers participants an interesting ‘look behind the scenes’ at the Apex-facility that handles the manufacturing and refurbishing of some 12,000 anilox rolls annually. Apex-specialists are at hand to explain every detail – from the visual inspection of the rolls’ surface, to the use of a revolutionary plasma spray coater to produce a compact ceramic layer of unequal purity.

Apex organizes one more Technical Training Aniloxes in 2019, registration can be done online.

German: 24 + 25 October