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Turbel NV buys another Gallus

With the purchase of a Gallus EM 510, the company Turbel NV is increasing the chances of growing success in their served markets. The company, founded in 1955, is widely known as an exclusive distributor of labeling applications on one hand and as a manufacturer of all kinds of labels on the other. This is already the third Gallus press Turbel includes into their machinery. The machine, equipped with 2 flexo printing units, is mainly used for production of A4 sheet labels and logistics labels. Since the Gallus EM 510 meets the requirements for the production of high volumes of A4 sheet labels ideally, CEO Roland Cuvelier and his management of Turbel NV decided for another investment into a professional production solution and therefore deepened the previous successful partnership with Gallus. The installation got successfully conducted in April ago. The company Turbel NV is based in Brussels and currently occupies 49 employees.