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Tungate Group reaches ink and energy savings by investing in BOBST label press

Tungate Group, headquartered in Staffordshire, UK, is an established player in the flexible packaging and label printing industries. The business has now invested in a BOBST MASTER M5 flexo press to enhance its narrow web production capacity, reaching significant savings in ink and energy use.

The investment in the MASTER M5 press marks a significant milestone for Tungate Group. With advanced features and capabilities, the press enables the company to meet customer demands efficiently, while driving innovation, cost control and sustainability in its operations. 

Led by Managing Director Kevin Paszek and a dedicated leadership team, Tungate Group has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality printed products since it was established in 1984. The strategic decision to invest in a MASTER M5 630 mm-wide flexo press with UV LED lamps for curing, Tungate Group’s first BOBST machine, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation, continuous development and efficiency in its operations.

Kevin emphasises the significance of this investment, stating, “As a high-performing packaging and label supplier, we see a lot of challenges in the industry. For example, substrate availability and lead times, particularly on recyclable material, as well as rising business energy costs. In responding to these challenges, we saw the benefit of introducing new technology to narrow web machines. Once we had identified this as a business need, we tested many machines on multiple substrates. The MASTER M5 press stood out immediately as an ideal solution. What’s more, it also means greater agility - we can support own-label brands that the wide web community can’t due to the prevalence of small run lengths.”

This versatile press is highly automated and ideal for label and flexible packaging production. Designed for a digitalised world, it perfectly fits packaging and label converters seeking to automate their production lines, with systems designed to reduce downtime and waste. The machine can be equipped with oneECG technology, which digitalises colour matching with an extended 7-colour gamut, reducing the need for costly and often wasteful spot inks, and making colour reproduction consistent and repeatable.

Digital workflows with integrated printing and converting technologies, such as DigiFlexo auto-registration with the PrintTutor intelligent camera system, enable the MASTER M5 to help reduce operating costs and maximise machine uptime.

Steve Lakin, Sales Manager, Labels at BOBST, said: “When it comes to enhancing productivity and savings in today’s printing market, the right technology makes all the difference. We were delighted to partner with Tungate on the supply and installation of a BOBST MASTER M5 flexo press. With the high pressures that today’s converters are under, machines must impress with every single run, and that’s what BOBST is all about. We apply advanced features that make a real day-to-day difference for our customers, whether that maximizing speed and productivity, or finding new ways to reduce energy use and control costs.”

Kevin added: “Straight away, we have seen enormous potential in our MASTER M5. A throughput speed of up to 200 m/min is already impressive, but our set-up time has reduced by 30%, compared to our outgoing machine. We anticipate more advantages with the inclusion of oneECG technology. Digital printing technology has made customers more impatient, and that puts a lot of pressure on conventional converters. With our new investment, we’re stabilised and ready to respond to the ‘now’ culture.” 

Optimised for recyclability and sustainability-focused production, the MASTER M5 press aligns seamlessly with Tungate Group’s business-wide sustainability goals.