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Top coated film labeling materials upgraded with best-in-class food safety compliance

UPM Raflatac announces the expansion of food-safe labeling products, with the addition of food-safe top coated (FTC) label stock. These newly upgraded label materials span the majority of food labeling applications that require a film label face including multipurpose PP and PE film labels - ensuring legal compliance and supporting a variety of film label needs.

Legal compliance - keeping safety first

We strive to continuously develop our offering for label materials that comply with EU regulations on food safety. These include overall framework regulation EC 1935/2004, which applies to all food contact materials, and EU regulation 10/2011 for film packaging, which defines measures for plastic-containing packages and articles intended to come into contact with food.

As a dependable label materials supplier, UPM Raflatac gives you the peace of mind that you have chosen the right vendor for your requirements. We offer proof of compliance and associated documentation, including Declarations of Compliance and EU 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice for food contact materials. Additionally, all of our production units have a food safety management system that complies with the ISO 22000 food safety standard.

Meeting legal requirements, backed by the correct documentation, is vital for label printers in affirming their position as trustworthy suppliers for packaging contractors and brands. Food-safe, fully compliant labeling also helps avoid putting consumers at risk.

Cutting-edge design

Our label materials are designed to meet the increasing demand for films in food applications, with sustainable use in mind. The thinner, lighter labels reduce packing size and weight to reduce the environmental footprint as far as possible. Our film materials can also be recycled along with recyclable packaging materials.

"As innovators in labeling solutions, we aim to meet the needs for film materials within the food labeling sector and to ensure that consumer safety is always at the forefront. By upgrading our top coated  range to comply with food safety legislation, we are not only demonstrating our commitment to converters, printers, and the food manufacturing chain as a whole", explains Jay Betton, Labeling Solutions Manager, UPM Raflatac.