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TLMI White Paper – ‘Reduce Waste, Increase Profitability’

(Available from the FINAT document archive under Management)

Martin Automatic is offering a definitive whitepaper on waste reduction and increased profitability.  The White Paper, delivered by Craig Thomson at the 2009 TLMI conference, presents examples and calculations that identify and demonstrate the real cost of waste and its impact on profitability. 

The focus of the Paper is how and why to reduce waste.  According to a lean manufacturing expert, waste is anything other than the minimum amount of a resource that is necessary to add value to the product.  On the materials side, waste could be defined as the difference between what is purchased (and its cost) and what is actually delivered (and invoiced) to the customer.  For example: if there is a 15% margin on production, then eliminating $150,000 of waste is equal to an additional turnover of $1,000,000. 

The White Paper can be downloaded in English, German, or Chinese, by visiting the Martin Automatic website at:


then selecting the ‘Latest News' tab and then the ‘Technical Articles' section.

It is also available at http://www.martinauto.com/news.php?type=2