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The new-generation Polyart Laser, the synthetic paper to lift your laser prints

Introducing the next-generation Polyart® Laser, designed for dry toner printing technologies, featuring a completely revamped coating formula with a host of exciting new advantages. Enjoy reduced statism, resistance to wet abrasion, and an even better paper touch. Say hello to a good paper jogging on the output of the printer. What's more, our new formula offers improved scratch resistance, ensuring that your prints remain pristine and vibrant.

Experience excellent processing quality and unique paper touch, all while benefiting from its exceptional durability. Polyart Laser combines the best of both worlds, offering a tactile experience that resembles paper while ensuring it can withstand the test of time.

Polyart, recognized as the brand leader in synthetic papers, is the new reference for the laser market for dry toner printing technologies. Print tests were carried out on the leading brands of laser presses.

The typical applications include various uses for your graphic and creative projects such as invitations, catalog and book covers, bookmarks, bottle neck collars, menus, door hangers, POP displays, and shelf wobblers. It's also ideal for projects that require durability, like tags and labels, sales tags, refrigerated product labels, luggage tags, safety notices, warranty cards, and maintenance manuals. Additionally, it performs exceptionally well in outdoor applications, including maps, guides, manuals, running numbers, signage, and more.

Catering to all your applications, we offer a comprehensive range of four different grammages:

118 g/m² (95µm) - 190 g/m² (145µm) - 261 g/m² (195µm) - 368 g/m² (270µm).

Available in 320x450mm size, contact your Merchant for pricing and availability.

Tailored sheet sizes are available on request.