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The FINAT Label Competition – a means of earning your company a spot in FINAT’s Hall of Fame

For 43 years now, the annual FINAT Label Competition has provided  an opportunity for label printers to  promote and highlight the advantages and uses of self-adhesive labels as an effective marketing, promotional or identification tool. We have seen labels evolve from a simple information carrier to an intelligent solution that does not only seamlessly deliver brand messages, but can also enhance the consumer’s product experience by added, interactive features. We have also witnessed a gradual shift from conventional to digital or hybrid printing. What’s next?

That is the question the jury members are asking themselves every year and every time they are amazed to ascertain that label printing continues to evolve. We expect this year to be no different either.

Small, medium-sized and even multinational concerns are herewith invited to take part in this prestigious competition and show us their most innovative concepts and breathtaking designs.

This year, we have incorporated Group E: Digital into Group B: Printing Processes. In the same group we have also added a category ‘Hybrid Printing’. For the complete details and registration form please visit: https://www.finat.com/events/finat-competitions.

If you are still contemplating why to enter the competition in the first place, then please consider this: everyone loves to win an award. Other generic reasons may be: “The company will benefit if we win” or “We want to measure ourselves against the competition (other printers)” or “This would be a useful marketing tool if we win an award” or even “It would boost morale in our print works if we were to win”.

Two companies that are seasoned contestants quote their participation and winning an award as follows:

  • “To win a group award is something extra special, motivating for the entire team. We are more appreciated by our clients and peers.” Bahadır Şıvgın, Export Manager Çiftsan Label & Packaging, Turkey
  • “We are happy to be working in an industry segment and have clients that give us the liberty to produce many beautiful and challenging labels. Our success is also our client’s success.” Dr. Johannes Michael Wareka Group CEO Marzek Etiketten + Packaging GmbH, Austria

For more quotes and videos on the winners of our competition we refer to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/finatlabels

FINAT on the other hand is always pleased to recognize and honour participants and winners, for without their skills there would not be a (self-adhesive) label industry at all.

Entries are accepted till 16 February 2023 with a maximum extension till 23 February.

For questions you can contact Jakovina at the FINAT secretariat.

We wish you success in participating.