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Technical Seminar on Extended Gamut printing

CODIMAG will organize on June 20th to 22nd a Technical Seminar at his Bondoufle facilities in partnership with Esko to show how to implement a 7-colour process technology using Equinox and the Aniflo press.

Thanks to the stability of the Aniflo (keyless anilox offset), it is easy to characterize a set of inks (usually CMYK, plus orange green and blue) and use those additional colours in the separation to get an extended gamut. You get more PMS colours that can be printed using 7 colours to avoid wash-ups and ink changes.
Esko will explain the advantages of the colour management technology, and show how it can be implemented in a production environment. Several jobs will be converted from PMS to CMYKOGB and printed during those days.

This Technical Seminar aims to exchange information on the critical factors to get success in this implementation, and see how the Aniflo can reduce the numbers of parameters to control.
Customers are invited to bring their own files to see the colour separation of their spot colours.

Please contact Codimag, Esko or your local network to get more information.