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Tamperproof by Ritrama: Safety and compliance at your service

Ritrama proposes Tamperproof, a new series of products specifically designed for the labelling of pharmaceutical products, which ensures compliance with the directive on counterfeit and falsified pharmaceuticals (2011/62/EU),

which applies to prescribed medicines and over-the-counter high risk medicines.

Directive 2011/62/EU clearly sets out two basic requirements for the correct packaging of pharmaceutical products: each package must bear a serial number to identify each product and should also be sealed in such a way as to make any attempt at tampering immediately visible.

To meet this important legislative requirement, but above all to meet the needs of a highly specialised sector such as the pharmaceutical one, Ritrama has developed the Tamperproof series: a range of self-adhesive materials combined with the special AP995 adhesive. Its formulation has been designed to visibly damage and tear the cardboard as soon as one tries to remove the label from the package.

The Tamperproof range is available with transparent polypropylene face materials, along with paper and polyester liners. The simple yet responsive construction of the Tamperproof range, in line with changes in industry guidelines, makes it the ideal solution for most of the pharmaceutical packaging on the market, making it quick and easy to use during application. In addition, the very high quality of the transparent film faces adapts perfectly to the design and style of the existing packages, combining tamper-evident features and ease of use in a single product.

Extreme functionality and discretion in the service of safety. Your safety.