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Sustainability in Medium-Sized Enterprises: Schreiner Group Supports E-Mobility

Schreiner Group has been committed to climate protection and sustainability for many years. As a result of its environmental programs, the high-tech company has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 65 percent and increased the utilization of renewable energies to more than 50 percent of its total energy consumption in recent years, among other things. Now the family-owned business has made another move towards a climate-neutral future by having installed and activated nine charging stations for electric vehicles at its headquarters in Oberschleissheim.

Having produced solar power on the roofs of its parking garages for a long time, Schreiner Group is now able to feed sustainable electricity directly into electric mobility as well. For this purpose, the company installed a total of nine EV charging stations on its business premises at the beginning of the year. As a result, Schreiner Group will also increase the share of electric vehicles in the company’s fleet during the course of 2021.

In addition to charging fleet vehicles and company cars, the new stations will be available to visitors and employees for charging their vehicles. “I am delighted that the installation of the EV charging columns enables us to do even more for climate protection than we already have been,” says CEO Roland Schreiner, “and am convinced that this will also provide our employees with another incentive for buying electric vehicles.”

Power supply to the charging columns posed the greatest challenge during the installation project. Since many of the EV charging stations are located in one of Schreiner Group’s parking garages for employees, a dedicated power supply line had to be installed. This requirement was successfully met with the grid operator’s support.