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Sungsin installs first MPS flexo press

Sale and installation led by MPS’ local partner Müller Korea and MPS Systems Asia.

An MPS EF 430 next generation flexo press has been installed at Sungsin in Korea for the printing of multi-layer adhesive labels. The machine sale and installation were led by MPS’ local partner Müller Korea and MPS Systems Asia.

Features of Sungsin’s new EF flexo press include the MPS inline laminator to easily laminate pre-printed webs; a laminator for cold foil; the MPS cross-over unit to slit the web and place the separate layers on top of each other; the MPS rail system for easy positioning of converting units on the press; E-sleeve technology providing predictable print results with increased speeds; and MPSConnect for real-time performance insights of the press through data collection and analysis.

Traditionally a letterpress printer, Sungsin specializes in pharmaceutical labels, multilayer labels, booklets, and agricultural labels. Müller Korea has a long-standing partnership with Sungsin since 2016 providing pharmaceutical printing solutions from H+H, Prati, and Smag Graphique.

“The MPS EF press is Sungsin’s first entry into flexo label printing,” said Nakyeon Cho, President & Owner Müller Korea. “They were impressed with the range of the EF’s innovative technology designed by MPS, especially the multiple options to facilitate multi-layer label production combined with the very stable web path and easy registration. The combination of local technical specialists from our team and MPS Systems Asia was also a key factor in the press investment.”

“In addition to owning a highly automated flexo machine, gaining the maximum from it is where our performance press feedback via MPSConnect comes in,” said Tim Klappe, Managing Director Asia Pacific at MPS. “Through ongoing data analysis collected from MPSConnect, report generation, goal-setting, and ongoing hands-on training, we can assist Sungsin with a reduction of waste and errors, and major gains in productivity and capacity to achieve the optimum benefits of flexo label printing.”