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Success through innovation: VPF forecast further sales growths for 2011

Sprockhoevel, Germany on April 12th, 2011
After having analyzed all the business relevant issues of 2010, VPF GmbH & Co. KG are once again drawing a very positive summary of the year. The annual turnovers of the self adhesive materials manufacturer increased by double digit percentage. In both domestic and foreign markets a significant growth was noticed especially in the field of conventional hotmelts. Products with higher grammages, e.g. for tire and drum labeling, as well as solutions with adhesive-free strips were highly demanded. Being another VPF special, UV-curable acrylics considerably contributed to the companies' success.

The first quarter of 2011 is also giving reason to be confident. Sale rates are still increasing by double digit percentage and both current projects and new delivery inquiries are promising. Therefore, short-term investments are realized according to schedule. In VPF’s focus for this year there are more measures to push the field of dispersion products for productivity optimization and quality assurance. The aim is to ensure and to expand competitiveness with dispersion adhesives beyond the absolute standards at quantities of more than 5,000 m². Because of their high flexibility, VPF are already well established at quantities between 1,000 and 5,000 m². The same applies to multi-layer constructions with different materials and adhesives.

The evaluation for the rest of 2011 by Ralf Waltmann, managing director of VPF, is correspondingly positive: “The decision of investing in a hotmelt adhesive installation in 2008 turned out to be absolutely right again last year. VPF are establishing themselves more and more in the sector of adhesive materials for technical labels, offering high-performance adhesives with well gluing and excellent shear forces as well as temperature resistances of more than 130°C. In combination with the typical advantages of UV-curable acrylics, e.g. UV, moisture and chemical resistance, these constructions with partly special plastic face materials are suitable for various extraordinary applications. Here is where still great market potentials are remaining, waiting to be opened up in the near future. We will succeed, if we leave enough room to innovation and participate actively on the market.”

Following this maxim, the customer service was upgraded as well. At the beginning of 2011 VPF employed an experienced new sales representative for the area of southern Germany, who is already fastening the communication between VPF and their customers beyond the river Main significantly.