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Strongest paper in the world makes its way to China

Strongest paper in the world makes its way to China
Cooperation with Nantongpack takes Mondi’s Advantage SpringPack Plus from Sweden to China – first reel arrived on site in June

Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper has launched a new trading venture with Nantongpack International Trading Company Ltd, opening up new business opportunities and giving access to a brand new market for Advantage SpringPack Plus in China.

“This cooperation formalises the successful collaboration with Nantongpack we have enjoyed in the past. Thanks to a well-established and evenly spread sales network throughout China, thorough market knowledge, and warehouses in logistic hubs including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nantong and Dalian, the company is the ideal partner for Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper. In recent months we have identified a lot of potential in Asia for our speciality kraft paper grade Advantage SpringPack Plus, which is produced by Mondi Dynäs in Sweden. Our joint research has indicated that forthcoming growth in the spring core mattress market in Asia[1] is likely to boost the demand for packaging designed specifically for this purpose – such as SpringPack Plus,” explains Gerhard Pachler, sales director Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi Europe & International.

Extreme strength combined with economic and environmental benefits
Advantage SpringPack Plus has been successfully introduced to the European and US markets in recent years. It is an extremely strong, natural brown premium paper especially designed for roll-packing and compressing goods. It can withstand the force exerted by 10 to 15 compressed and wrapped spring mattress units. “SpringPack Plus provides a variety of benefits. In Asia for instance, non-woven and plastic materials are currently used for spring mattress packaging. Our paper will represent an appealing alternative on this market because it offers the same strength with less material, thus providing both economic and environmental benefits,” comments Pachler.

Proven strength – see the strongest paper in the world at FachPack 2016

At this year’s FachPack fair, Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper is exhibiting a paper grade formulated specifically for roll-packaging spring mattresses. Advantage MF SpringPack Plus, produced by Mondi Dynäs in Sweden, meets the demands of the industry by withstanding the force of 10 to 15 compressed spring mattresses and supporting efficient logistics. The strength of this paper grade has been demonstrated by parking and lifting a 4.2-tonne locomotive on a single sheet. This impressive test made its way into the Swedish edition of the Guinness World Records book in 2001 (13th edition, page 256).