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Strong interest in SPGPrints’ UV-inkjet, CTP HD-imaging and rotary screen offerings at Labelexpo Americas 2014

SPGPrints reported strong interest in its newly launched the low migration inks for the DSI® (Digital System Integration) digital UV-inkjet label printer and the variLEX multi-process CTP-imager at Labelexpo Americas 2014 in Rosemont, Chicago (9-11 September). Furthermore, the company reported continued sales of its RSI® Rotary Screen Integration modules for high-end tactile effects.

Low-migration inks launch for UV-inkjet SPGPrints launched low migration inks for its UV-inkjet DSI® label press, giving food and pharmaceutical brand owners the assurance of safe packaging – enabling these sectors affected by stringent health and safety legislation to enjoy the benefit of short / micro-run printing, full-colour variable data printing (serialisation), faster time to market, and the industrial standard light chemical and scratch resistance of UV inks. Specially optimised for the company’s own DSI (Digital System Integration®) press, the inks meet the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) and are compliant with the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21). Furthermore, the inks do not contain any materials that have been excluded by the Nestlé Guidance on Packaging Inks.
SPGPrints’ UV-inkjet inks are noted for high opacity values above 93 percent, vividness and BWS-7 light-fastness. SPGPrints is one of the few UV-inkjet press makers to develop its own in-house inks too.
Bas Hoijtink, commercial manager graphics, comments: “There is certainly a growing demand for digital printing solutions for food packaging, because of the demand for shorter production runs, and the opportunities it opens such as variable data printing. Food and beverage brand-owners, and their suppliers, are as keen to reap the benefits of digital printing solutions, like other retail goods and industrial sectors. These low-migration inks, in compliance with food safety regulations, will meet that demand, and facilitate further penetration of digital printing, and especially UV-inkjet, into that sector.”

DSI® UV-inkjet press: at peak performance and attracting Latin American interest
This year’s Labelexpo generated an encouraging stream of inquiries for the DSI® UV-inkjet press, and a notable increase in visitors from Latin America and Asia.
Bas Hoijtink, commercial manager – graphics at SPGPrints comments: “The DSI press has been fine-tuned to achieve peak performance, in terms of productivity and quality, and the show was our opportunity to prove that – with success. The live demonstrations and sample portfolios gave inspiration to label converters seeking solutions for appealing product decoration, full-colour variable data and industrial resistance. Visitors were impressed by the screen-equivalent opacity, vividness, clarity of fine text and gradient of colours achievable. We even had a few inquiries from printers specialising in non-label applications such as furniture surfaces.”

Notable recent DSI installations include an eight-colour print / converting press at Multi Action Labels in Quebec City, Canada, and a four-colour stand-alone system at industrial printer McLoone in La Crosse, WI, USA.

The DSI press offers as standard intermittent LED pinning between colour stations to ensure precise, clear ink laydowns, chill drum to ensure stability on heat-sensitive films and CMYK colours. Options include up to six more stations such as OV (allowing over 90% of colour gamut), opaque white, spot colours and a digital primer to enable high quality results on wide range of substrates; a range of widths up to 530mm wide - though the standard is 330mm – and all AB-Graphic converting equipment for single pass production.

“The fine-tuning of the DSI is complete and we are proud to say the press is achieving its peak performance,” stated Bas Hoijtink, commercial manager – graphics, at SPGPrints. “The quality of the DSI samples demonstrates this, and potential customers have been particularly impressed by the opacity, vividness, clarity of fine text and gradient of colours achieved by the press.”

variLEX impresses on American début
SPGPrints presented its variLEX multi-process computer-to-plate / computer-to-screen imager to the American market for the first time. The system is a single solution for imaging high-definition flexo up to 4000dpi, letterpress and dry-offset plates, as well as screens. variLEX can be equipped with a multibeam diode laser system for ablating the black mask and/or a multibeam diode laser system to directly expose UV-sensitive materials like screens. Its integrated inline exposure system, unique to the variLEX, facilitates ablation and exposure in one step. This eliminates the need for offline exposure and ensures sharp printing results.

Interest in rotary screen printing continues
Two pre-press systems for the company’s rotary screen business were sold. Label and packaging converters in globally continue to adopt rotary screen process to complement other processes such as flexo, offset and letterpress, in order to achieve thick ink or varnish coverage up to 300 micron in a single pass, inline. This enables numerous high-end packaging effects including full tones, tactile varnishes and Braille. The company’s RSI® (Rotary Screen Integration) units have been developed for easy integration into most label printing press marques. The RotaMesh® electroformed nickel screens can be reimaged and reused several times, and offer stability at speeds up to 125m/min, offering low ownership costs, especially for long and repeat jobs.