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Steam Jet Resistant Pressure Compensation Seals

DAE HighProtect: Robust Venting Featuring a Flat Design

Harsh ambient conditions, minimal space and a housing that requires venting? Self-adhesive HighProtect Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) by Schreiner ProTech offer a viable solution: featuring a flat, flexible design, they ensure full functionality even when exposed to severe mechanical stress.

PCS HighProtect resists even steam jet cleaners and temperatures of -70 °C, meeting the ingress protection requirements of IP67, IP68 and IPX9K. The venting solution is particularly well suited for automotive underhood applications and electronic control units exposed to elevated stress levels. In contrast to conventional venting systems such as plastic plugs, PCS HighProtect has a very low height of only 0.35 – 0.50 mm for flat and space-saving installation even in places where other solutions are not feasible due to their height.

PCS HighProtect consists of several functional layers with an integrated water- and oil-repellant membrane as its centerpiece. A special channel system ensures effective component venting. The HighProtect film is the top and strongest layer of the composite and provides reliable shielding against mechanical loads while dome-shaped embossing of the film additionally supports venting performance.

PCS HighProtect is installed in the component using an adhesive instead of mechanical connections such as threads or clips. As a result, only minor modification of the housing in the form of a small recess is required. There are no constraints in terms of component wall thickness, which provides customers with full flexibility and maximum freedom of design. The self-adhesive coating and delivery on rolls allows automatic application of PCS HighProtect on the component at high cycle rates by appropriate application systems. Schreiner ProTech offers a complete system for professional processing of the venting systems including on-site support to ensure reliable integration into the customer’s manufacturing process.

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