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Standwill Packaging Inc partners with Omet America for Durst Tau 330 RSC Digital printing press

Standwill Packaging in Long Island, New York, has invested in a Durst Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet digital label press in a move that Paul Standwill, the company’s Vice-President, says best meets the needs of customers.

The agreement through Durst strategic partner Omet America will enable Standwill Packaging to re-engineer its flexo print production and increase efficiencies, as well as open up new business opportunities.

Standwill Packaging, which has been servicing the cosmetic industry for over 40 years, has a focus on quality, service and innovative thinking. It specializes in cosmetic, personal care and beauty labels and packaging products.

Paul Standwill, Vice President of Standwill Packaging said: “When we researched a digital printing solution to re-engineer our flexo print production to become more efficient, we discovered that the Durst RSC UV inkjet press offered the highest quality print tones along with precise color matching ability and excellent white opacity.

“The staff at Durst and Omet were very knowledgeable and helpful in providing samples and information that was critical in making my decision. After careful evaluation, we concluded that the RSC technology offered the highest quality printing which would allow us to best meet the needs of our customers.”

Durst RSC provides the required flexibility to produce fast, efficient and with the highest print quality for the complete range of label and packaging applications. Small, medium, and now long runs are highly profitable with digital systems from Durst. The options are virtually unlimited and open up an enormous potential for new products and services in an ever-changing market.

With Durst continuous innovation of the Tau 330 UV portfolio, users can 'Configure their Digital Future' - available as stand-alone or an entirely automated Omet XJet production unit with integrated conventional & digital finishing lines.