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SPGPrints to present screen solutions for currency and security printing at The Currency Conference 2017

SPGPrints will present its screen solutions for roll and sheet-fed currency and security printing as a member of the Dutch Currency Association, which will exhibit at The Currency Conference, 14-17 April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The conference draws together the world’s leading officials in the currency issuing and distribution departments of central banks with currency printers and suppliers to the currency printing industry. As well as providing networking and leadership presentations on latest thinking on creating more secure bank notes and instruments, the conference enables attendees to meet with currency and security printers and suppliers to discuss new technologies in a secure forum.

The highlights of SPGPrints’ presentation will be two screen products - SecuScreen and SecuPlate - for applying special security coatings to banknotes, in the finishing stage. They are specially suited for KBA-NotaSys printing lines. Additionally, there will be information about SPGPrints’ digital prepress solutions for fast, efficient screen imaging. 

SecuScreen is a seamless, non-woven nickel mesh rotary screen that is ideal for long runs and may be reused, providing long-term cost effectiveness.

SecuPlate is a solid nickel sheet featuring a honeycomb grid and a non-woven mesh, for assembly into a cylinder. It offers improved strength and handling compared with woven alternatives. 

Both screens can lay down thick ink layers between 5µm and 250µm and handle relatively large, sensitive particles from 20µm to 200µm. This makes them ideal for productively applying tactile, optically variable, optically variable magnetic and iridescent inks or coatings that are essential for enhancing banknote security. Coatings used with the screens may be water-based, dual-cured or UV-cured.

For imaging SecuScreen and SecuPlate, SPGPrints offers the secuLEN direct laser engraver, which images the screen in a fully digital, single-step dry process, to maximum resolutions of 5080dpi. secuLEN features conical jigs for SecuScreen, and a magnetic drum for secuPlate imaging jobs. SPGPrints also provides a rapid engraving service to security customers world-wide.

“With their non-woven nickel construction, SPGPrints’ security screens offer substantial long-term cost savings because their high strength allows for easier handling, increased lifetime and the potential for faster printing speeds. These solutions are not only ideal for bank notes, but also for other government documents including passports, licences, ID cards, tax stamps and secured papers,” said Rob Hermkens, sales manager, Industrial Applications at SPGPrints. “We offer not only the technology, but also the worldwide support necessary to meet the requirements of currency printers for whom quality, confidentiality, process efficiency and timing are crucial.”