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Specialty label for E-bike drive system

Protective film and decoration rolled into one

E-bikes are recording the highest growth rate in the vehicle market at the moment, according to Auto Club Europe. More than 1.3 million bicycles with various electric motors are currently being operated in Germany. For the latest drive system launched by the European market leader, Schreiner ProTech has developed design rings as accentuating visual elements and covers for the assembly holes.

Many of the film-based solutions and functional parts by Schreiner ProTech are not visible at first glance or applied inside a product. In contrast, the design rings for e-bikes are deliberately placed on top of the drive system in order to close the assembly holes underneath. “The objective was to find a particularly sturdy material that would protect the drive system from normal external damage or vandalism while meeting the customer’s design specifications,” says Axel Müller, the responsible key account manager at Schreiner ProTech.

The material composite that was selected for this purpose has a thickness of 500 micrometers, which makes it the heaviest one currently being processed on Schreiner ProTech’s production lines. The tool design had to be modified to ensure smooth processing of the multi-layered film stock. In addition, the material meets particularly high quality requirements. The grained surface is more robust than that of smooth film stock and repels dust and dirt. The design rings also withstand mechanical impacts caused by water, snow and stone chip that typically occur when riding a bike. As e-bikes are being used around the world – from Alaska to Dubai – the specialty labels easily resist low and high temperatures as well.