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Spear's innovations transform new Bacardi Labels

Spear has collaborated with Bacardi to develop an interactive label that is paired with their introduction of two new rum flavors, Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Razz. Continuing with a long-standing relationship between the two companies, Spear provided innovative label ideas that are focused on assisting Bacardi with gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The first of the two flavors, Wolf Berry rum, is infused blueberry and wolfberry (commonly known as a goji berry), while the Black Razz is raspberry flavored with black sapote which gives it a rich, chocolate-like taste that is both refreshing and sweet with a deep and bold flavor profile.

These products will be offered in the US, Canadian and Mexican markets and could launch in Europe in the near future. Bacardi hopes that with these new flavors they’ll captivate younger customers by opening up the chilled-flavored-rum category.

Bacardi will employ their Jacksonville, Tennessee, USA plant to fill bottles for US and Canadian demand, while utilizing a Mexico-based plant for Mexican distributors.

Jared Koerten, a Euromonitor International US research analyst, comments: “In a highly competitive landscape like that of rum in the US, future innovation in flavors is likely as companies attempt to help their product stand out among the myriad of competitors on the shelf. Leaders in flavor innovation like Bacardi will likely keep this competitive edge.”

Spear’s Toy BOX innovations introduced thermochromic inks on the new Bacardi rum labels that reveal wolf claw marks on the Wolf Berry flavor and flames on Black Razz in response to temperature change. The label graphics contain bold images that pair well with the adventurous flavors of the new rums and the interactive-revealing colors are a way to let consumers know the rum is chilled and ready to be served.

Utilizing various colors of rotary screen, hot stamp and flexographic printing, Spear is able to produce the multiple colors of the Wolf Berry and Black Razz labels at their Mason, Ohio facility. This combination of printing processes, first-rate inks and label materials allows Spear to achieve the animated graphics Bacardi is aiming for.

Spear Toy BOX strives to develop the latest breakthroughs in film, ink and application technologies to help their customers create remarkable and energetic packaging.

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