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Spear: Fresh off the press – Trop50’s new

Introduced in 2009, Trop50, a brand extension of the USA’s most successful orange juice product Tropicana, has had a makeover! The popular juice range has a sleek new look with a clear, curved bottle featuring pressure-sensitive labels from Spear.

Trop50 boasts a variety of juices offering 50 percent less sugar and calories. The brand uses Stevia, a natural sweetener, making it a 100% natural product, something brand developers were keen to showcase. They achieved this with a clear, PET bottle revealing the product’s pure colours and flavours. The striking package required an equally attractive label, which Spear was delighted to provide.

This complex branding vision was successfully achieved utilizing the SpearSystem™ approach, a client-focused project management program providing solutions for all aspects of the label’s development.  The result: a distinctive, curvaceous label that follows the contour of the bottle, featuring bold colours to compliment the natural tones of the fruit juice.

Trop50 is the juice industry’s most successful launch in the past five years and, following the triumph of the new-look 59 oz bottles, a 12 oz package was launched last month. The single service variant exhibits the same transparent PET container and vibrant labels by Spear.

For more information, please contact Dan Muenzer; 1.513.459.3223