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Sleeve labeling technologies: AWA Alexander Watson's latest market study

The AWAreness™ Report Global Sleeve Label Market 2021 is an update on the current status in this market, and it confirms how strongly sleeve labeling technology has established itself in a relatively short timescale. Today claiming around 19% of the overall global label market, it is a maturing technology -- but growth is still strong, at an annual 3.3%. As the study documents, most of the volumes are in heat shrink sleeves, representing around 89% of usage, and with the Asian region claiming the highest volumes by far.

Across all the sleeve label formats – heat shrink, stretch sleeve, ROSO™ MD sleeve, and RFS MD sleeve -- the major end-use market sector is, of course, beverages, at 64% of volumes, with food-related applications today in second place at 16%.

In 2020, the Asian convenience stores and restaurants were hit hard by the lockdowns and restrictions relaying the impact on the heavily dependent Asian beverage market. Beverages amounting to over 70% of the end-use segment for the Sleeve Label Market in Asia left a significant impact on the market. Whereas, historically, the Asian market has seen the highest annual growth rates for sleeve labels, in 2020 it experienced a slowdown in its growth, falling short of its original forecasted yearly growth rate of 5.5% and giving way for higher growth rates in 2020 for European and North American markets.

Substrates, supply chain

The study goes on to examine the different sleeve material substrates used for each format, as well as the structure of the related supply chains, and documents in-depth the regional geographical market characteristics. From resin manufacture through converting and printing to application technologies, as well as the existing legislative and recycling challenges, AWAreness™ Report Global Sleeve Label Market 2021 provides a thorough understanding of the technology today and tomorrow for all involved in the market across the value chain, and for those considering future entry.

Full details of the AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2021 may be found on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website, www.awa-bv.com, where the report may also be ordered online. AWA is also hosting AWA &TLMI Sleeve Label Industry Conference & Exhibition 2021 in Cincinnati, OH, US, on 10-12 November 2021.