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Skanem Superpeel!

Skanem has together with their Multinational customer Oriflame developed a “Superpeel” label solution. This is an innovative concept with front and reverse printing on the adhesive side. Only one layer is now required with the option of also having much more information on the product. Oriflame sees this as a major innovation, which allows them to provide a cost effective single variant solution whilst ensuring sufficient regulatory information on products.

The solution is to be on plastic bottles and flexible tubes, aerosols and glass nail varnish bottles. Brian Olesen, Multinational Key Account Manager for Skanem, reports that one of the reasons for this project was the fact that Oriflame often has to have multiple languages on their products: ‘This will in many cases require a 2 or 3 ply with 3 to 5 pages Peel’n Read solution. With a combination of either removing some text, or simply squeezing it more together, the e.g. 3 pages will now fit into 2 pages on the “Superpeel” solution.’

Skanem as a strategic partner in label development.
According to Component Sourcing Manager at Oriflame, Tony Igoe, the project started with Skanem as their strategic partner due to an ever increasing regulatory demand from sales markets: ‘This has lead to the need for more legal text to be included on packaging. To take care of this Oriflame has had to launch multi variants of each product, up to 6 in some cases to cover the global marketplace.’ He further explains that contrary to this, Oriflame has a need to be as flexible and responsive in the supply chain as possible, which multi variants do not provide: ‘Over the last 2 years there has been a push to provide a cost effective solution to the multi variants by trying to provide a single variant solution for all packaging types. Adding additional cartons to products was not an option due to costs and adding multi page booklets was also rejected on cost grounds. We came up with the concept of using the latest technology on label production to produce a 2 side printed, single ply label, with a peel and reseal side and a permanent hinge to apply to bottles and flexible tubes. This in theory had the advantage of using less material but 2 side printed, which for most of our products gave us the possibility to achieve a cost effective single variant solution. So this was the theory, but the label actually did not exist, so we started to work together with Skanem Poznan to solve the theory and make the label a reality.’

A receptive Skanem team .
When asked how the process has been with Skanem as a partner, Tony Igoe says: ‘The Skanem team has been receptive at all times to try out new ideas and provide samples and think about the solutions being presented. At the start of the project there were some concerns about how possible this type of label was to produce, but once the team started to think in more detail about how to produce such a label, the development process was really smooth to arrive at an approved label. There were many options investigated and tested, but we always moved forward with each submission. After just over one year we managed to agree on a solution that would work for our bottles and more importantly our plastic tubes. Well done to the whole development team!’

A super concept! 
Brian Olesen further explains the concept: ‘The new concept is also better for the environment as it uses less material and they may even be able to turn a 3 ply Peel’n Read with 5 pages into a 2 ply Peel’n Read with 4 pages, as the Superpeel solution on 2 ply will offer 4 pages. The 2 ply Superpeel is next step on the development’

The solution is made so it can be re-sealed again when the end-user has seen the information, Brian says: ‘You can say that the Peel’n Read solution is not new, but as far as I can tell, we have never seen a 1 page solution with print on both sides to go directly on a bottle and/or tube product before.’

The project is approved by Oriflame. Next step is to implement the solution on two specific products, which will take place during June. Oriflame and Skanem are now looking forward to apply this final solution across the portfolio where suitable.