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Skanem Stavanger acquires Nilpeter FA-22 press

Skanem Stavanger, Norway's largest producer of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new 9-color FA-22 from Nilpeter.

Eirik Bergh, managing director of Skanem Stavanger, said: ‘We are fully committed to creating renewable products, from labels to wraparounds and flexible packaging, with a key focus on reusable materials. We work side-by-side with customers on various development projects to help them reach ambitious sustainability goals. With customers from a broad range of industries, and in many different countries, we have gained unique insight and experience that can be applied across the Skanem Group as a whole.

In addition to the high print quality, intuitive user interface, and value-added possibilities, the new FA-22 is built with a clear focus on limiting waste, lowering power consumption, and reducing emissions. This press fits perfectly with what we’re trying to achieve here at Skanem.’ The company is committed to sustainability, using renewable products and reusable materials.

‘The process with Skanem has been very rewarding, from start to finish. I’m happy to say that when I visited the factory in November the press was running smoothly, just as advertised. We look forward to a great working relationship with Skanem Stavanger,’ concluded Mads Aakjær, area sales manager, Nilpeter.